Call with hidden number from iPhone

What happens when calling a hidden number?

When you call a hidden number, what you are going to do is prevent the recipient of the call from seeing your ID. The ID is the phone number itself. The person receiving the call with this feature enabled will not know who you are. The identified it will become “hidden number” or “private number”. You have surely seen these two words on numerous occasions, especially when calls are made by companies or public bodies. They always try to prevent you from knowing the phone number that is making the call, so that you cannot contact them again. As we say, it is typical in State administrations that do not want to receive direct calls that do not previously go through a switchboard.

This is an option that can be easily activated and deactivated on any mobile device, be it iOS or Android. Without a doubt, it is really comfortable to have this way open to maintain anonymity. In general, in a particular use, it will be used mainly to play prank calls or prevent someone from knowing your contact number.

The ways to do it on iPhone

As in most cases, in order to carry out the process of hiding the phone number, you can choose different ways. Undoubtedly the most comfortable is through the iPhone itself, since with a few touches you will have the call fully configured to start it at the moment. But there are other methods that we are going to tell you about below.

Through the call pad

When you are going to make a phone call, it is logical that you have to type the specific number to which you are going to go. This is common, especially when you don’t have that number linked to a contact in your phonebook. But to be able to make the hidden call to that number, you will have to do a previous step. Simply, you will have to place in front of the number in question the prefix #31#. So if the phone number is 699999999, you will have to write #31#699999999. From that moment on, clicking on the green call button will start the communication and the receiving person will not know that it is you, regardless of whether they have you added to the agenda or not.

Obviously, this makes it impossible to select the contact from the iPhone’s own agenda. You will always have to copy and paste the specific mobile number by placing this extension in front. This means that if you are going to make many hidden calls to your contacts, it is not a method that you will be particularly interested in. It must be taken into account that it is especially aimed at calls that are punctual, and especially when they are from people that you do not have added to your personal agenda.

Accessing device settings

But as we have said before, this is a method that has some relevance problems. And it is that it acted temporarily on a specific phone. But there can be a situation in which you need to have this mode activated constantly for all the calls that you are going to make at that moment. It has the drawback that sometimes you can forget that you have it activated, and contact someone and appear in secret. But beyond this, it is really relevant to have it activated if you do not want to leave a trace of your calls. In order to activate this option, you will simply have to perform the following steps:

  1. Access Settings.
  2. Go to the Phone option.
  3. Enter the section Show caller ID.
  4. Deactivate the only option that appears at the top.

hidden number iphone

On many occasions this is a process that can take time to appear. You cannot quickly turn this setting on or off. Previouslythe device must verify that it can do it or not. This is mainly due to the fact that some telephone companies may have banned this option, and in this way you always have to check with the card to find out whether or not to let the user do this action.

Contacting the operator

It must be taken into account that the person responsible for hiding the caller ID at the end is the operator that will connect you with another mobile line. That is why the last way that exists in this case is to make contact with the operator that you have contracted at that time. It can be done through different ways. The first is through customer service telephone channel. Through this route and with your personal data you can request that the caller ID be hidden at the moment. But you will always have to call again to deactivate this option.

The other way that exists is through the application or web from the operator It is already quite common for all users to have access to the virtual platform of each of the operators. In this case, in addition to being able to download invoices, you will also be able to personalize the experience you have with your line. Among the available options you will find the possibility of hiding the caller ID, together with, for example, the blocking of MMS or special calls. In this case, each of the operators modifies the design of their platforms, and you will have to find their exact location.

Is it legal to make hidden calls?

This is one of the great questions that anyone who wants to make a hidden call can ask themselves. In this case, it is used in a general way to make prank calls, and there can always be fear that someone will end up suing you for it. A priori you should know that making calls in this mode, does not incur any type of crime. Also, keep in mind that it will not mean that you have a call that cannot be reached, like the ones you see in the movies. What is avoided is that the call ID is publicly displayed to the other person. But it does not imply that nobody can know where the specific signal is being emitted from.

That is why you should always know that what can committing a crime is the content of the call. Anytime you make a call, or use this mode to systematically harass a person who has your phone blocked, you will have severe consequences. You will always have to avoid using this hidden mode to do any criminal activity.

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