How to activate easy range mode on the iPhone

When you have a mobile with a large screen, it can become a problem to perform different actions. This is especially accentuated when you have a small hand, and it is that when you want to access the notifications window, you directly have to stretch out your hand a lot, or put it on the table. That is why you have to have functions in order to access all the elements on the screen. Here we explain everything you need to know about easy reach.

What is easy reach mode

Easy Reach Mode is an accessibility feature that Apple integrated with the advent of devices with large screens. Specifically, it all started with the launch of the first iPhone with a 5.5 inch screen. In this case, users encountered problems when clicking on the elements that could be found at the top of the screen. This made it impossible to use an iPhone with only one hand, having to always use two hands in the case of having them small. That is why the company was forced to enable a system that would allow access to any element on the screen, this being an accessibility option.

Exactly what the screen does is literally approach the bottom. When you activate the functionality, it will look like the elements that are at the top are located in the middle of the screen. In this way, anyone with only one hand will be able to have complete access to all the elements and menus. Obviously, for this to have a real effect, the elements that are at the bottom of the screen will disappear, It’s already creeping up and down. But this is not a problem, since if you are using this function it is only for those apps that you have in the upper part and not in the dock, where this function is not needed.

Compatible devices

Keep in mind that this is a function that was integrated into the operating system as a result of the arrival of iPhones with a large screen. As we have said before, it was integrated with the arrival of the 5.5-inch iPhone. That is why at first it could be thinking only for these computers, but the truth is that Apple, by including it as an accessibility function, added it to all devices in the iPhone range.

That is why the device you have in hand will be indifferent, since you will be able to use this function whenever you activate it. Simply, the requirement that is imposed is that it is updated to the latest version of the software. This is the benefits of the functions that are added through a simple update and that does not require specific hardware. And it is that it will reach large or small mobiles. In the end, the goal is provide a large number of functions to the iPhone so that users can decide how to use them in their day to day. And even if you have a small screen, some people may also need access to the upper part due to some type of motor dysfunction.

The ways you have to activate it

Keep in mind that depending on the device you have, there are different ways to activate it on a day-to-day basis. But it is true, regardless of the device you have right now, there are some steps that are common to have this option available in the iPhone Settings. Specifically, the steps to follow will follow the following:

  1. We came in Settings on iPhone.
  2. Click on Accessibility.
  3. Access the Touch setting category.
  4. Activate the option that says Easy reach.

easy reach activate

From that moment on, all iPhones with this box activated will be able to use the easy reach function. The problem is that the activation changes in each of the devices depending on its general design and whether or not it has a Home button. Below we explain the differences that may exist in these cases and how you will be able to use easy reach.

On iPhone without a Home button

The most recent iPhones from the Cupertino company do not use the Home button. In this case, starting with the iPhone X, almost all new releases have sported a screen that is uniform, and that does not present a space dedicated to a button in the lower central part. That is why the way to activate the easy-to-reach mode must also be designed for the use that is given to these devices. In general, anyone who has an iPhone X or higher will use gestures to move through the different menus. And that is why to access the easy reach mode this is what you will have to do.

easy reach mode

To make it as intuitive as possible, what is sought is to have a slide with your finger from the bottom to the bottom. The screen will automatically go down so you can have better access. As we say, it is quite intuitive because it will seem that you are the one dragging the page down, and this currently makes it the best method for these iPhones.

If the iPhone has a Home button

But as we have previously commented, there are a large number of mobile devices that have a Home button and are not all screens. And equally, it is also required to lower the screen as they are excessively large. But in this situation, it would not be intuitive to slide the screen downwards, since the finger is not naturally located at the bottom of the screen in this case.

For these cases, what is going to be requested is double press the Home button, This will achieve the same effect so that the screen goes down to the middle of the device. To be able to exit this function, you will simply have to press the Home button twice again.

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