How to transfer photos and videos from one iPhone to another

To be able to use this functionality, you will simply have to open Photos and go to the image or video you want to send. Next, click on the ‘Share’ button represented by a square and an up arrow. In the drop down menu the characteristic AirDrop icon will appear on which you should click. In the list that will appear, you can choose the device to which you want to transfer a multimedia file. This same operation can be carried out in the ‘Files’ application, choosing the document you want to transfer and following the same procedure.

iCloud sync

It must also be taken into account in this case that the iPhone is constantly connected to the internet. The Cupertino company itself has a really powerful cloud system that allows synchronization of any content in an easy and fast way. This is something that should only be apply between two iPhones that are from the same owner, since it will be able to share through the cloud. In the event that you have an image on one of the devices, it will instantly appear on the other iPhone. The only requirement that is imposed in this case is the need to have the same Apple ID in the configuration of the two mobiles.

But in addition to this, with iCloud it will be possible to send an image to another person’s photo library thanks to the Family Sharing functionality. If you have a family group set up on your device to be able to share the purchases you make, for example, you should know that It has an album that is common in Photos. From the moment you access this album, it will quickly end up being shared with all the people who participate in the family group.

Send via iMessage or Mail

Sometimes when we talk about native Apple tools we forget about iMessage. This acts as an instant messaging system that allows you to send an image to anyone who has an iPhone quickly. In this case, it should be noted that by synchronizing with the gallery itself, you will instantly have the image at the highest quality to share it with anyone in the form of a message.

But if You don’t want to share your phone number or Apple ID, you should know that email is also a great tool. At any time through the Share menu you will be able to select an image and add it to a new email. It is important to note that when doing so, the application will ask you for the size and the weight of the file will be noted between parentheses. It is advisable to choose the largest size. But if we talk about videos, there is a weight limitation, finally having to choose the possibility of sending it through the Apple cloud if it weighs several GB, for example.

Making use of external methods

But it is a reality that many people are not happy with Apple’s native tools, and that is why the options offered by third-party developers should also be explored. In this case you can find, for example, the use of third-party applications found in the App Store and also web pages.

third party applications

In the previous case we have talked about some applications that can be found integrated into the operating system. But of course, you can also talk about other applications that can be found in the App Store. In this case we highlight the presence of the different instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram. Obviously, it has the problem that it is not ideal for sending files between two iPhones that belong to the same owner.

WhatsApp vs telegram

The positive thing about using these applications is that they are practically universal. This means that practically all users have a WhatsApp or Telegram account. In this way it can be really useful to make the shipment through here, although it is not recommended if we talk about high-quality multimedia filesd. This is mainly because they compress the files for convenient sending.

WeTransfer: the method to avoid quality loss

In the event that they are one with a high resolution, or also Long videos are going to finally have a great weight. This will make it quite difficult to use messaging applications such as the one we have discussed above, since an exaggerated compression will be carried out. Compressing an image or video will ultimately cause the quality to drop significantly. But it is that in our case we always want to have the highest possible quality.

In this situation, what you will have to do is use specialized services such as those of WeTransfer. This is a simple web page that can be conveniently accessed from any iPhone via Safari. What you will have to do is select the file you want to transfer between two iPhones. Depending on its size, the upload time will vary, since it will also depend on your internet speed. Obviously in these situations there is no possibility of making a cable internet connection causing there to be a speed limitation.

WeTransfer Mac

Which is the most efficient?

This is undoubtedly the big question that can be asked when talking about all these image and video transfer systems. In this situation, it is necessary to highlight the type of file that is going to be sent. In the case of heavyweight videos, typical of video editors, for example, platforms that do not reduce quality must be used and that is why WeTransfer must be chosen as the absolute preference system.

But in the event that an immediate shipment is required, what is going to be needed is to use a messaging application such as WhatsApp or Telegram. In these situations, what is going to be done is to have a fast shipment and if quality is not a big problem for you, it is what we can recommend the most.

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