iPhone widgets not showing and other related problems

The most common errors with iPhone widgets

As we have previously mentioned, Apple’s operating system can not become perfect. There are many problems that can arise, and each one of them is really different. Below we analyze the main problems that you are going to report and also the specific solutions that are applied in order to have them back to normal operation.

In the event that they appear in black

There may be a situation where all widgets appear without any information. This materializes in that you will always see the different boxes when configuring and selecting those elements that you will have to use on your main screen. But what you will see will not be the information such as your emails or the weather forecast, but it will appear completely black.

Obviously, it is something that is not comfortable at all. This is a really common thing that can happen across all widgets or a single app widget. It is important to always have this information clear. Since you will be able to locate if the error is general and, therefore, the responsibility of the operating system, or if the error is related to a specific application. This is essential to be able to apply the most appropriate solution.

Are they not updated with new information?

Naturally, these widgets offer valuable information that makes you do not have to be entering the applications constantly. The fact of having the weather forecast, the latest emails you have received or even the money you have in your bank account. But to be useful, of course, they have to be constantly updating in the background. This will finally allow you to always have the information in the palm of your hand.

But unfortunately, on many occasions this information can be completely out of date. This is something easily detectable in those widgets such as email or instant messages. In this case, if all goes well, the widget should be constantly displaying new information. But in the end, you will see that something is wrong because all this data is not displayed and that is why you must do something to remedy it.

The widget you are looking for in an app is not displayed

This is something that can always happen. When you do a track widget you want to place on the home screen, you will be able to use the search engine. The most common is to search through the application that interests you, such as iMessage or Apple Music, among many others from third-party developers. But sometimes this is a search that may not be fruitful and the widget may not appear in the list so that you can add it to your own collection.

It must be taken into account that the widgets must be developed by those responsible for the different applications. This means that not all applications have an associated widget natively. In this way, if you notice that the search is unsuccessful, you will have to choose to check if the application you are effectively tracking account with some kind of linked widget. Otherwise, you obviously won’t be able to find it correctly. Currently, the most important applications have this information system, but obviously there are always some important exceptions.

The solutions that will end widget problems

Once it has been found that something else is going wrong with this functionality of the operating system, you will have to carry out a series of checks that will always pursue the solution of this problem. Some of them are really simple, but they are really effective.

restart the device

This is one of the simplest or dumbest solutions, but in the end it is the one that will end up giving the best result. Keep in mind that iOS is the responsible for displaying all these widgets, which are one of the processes that can be found in the normal operation of iOS. This makes it necessary on many occasions to reset it to end up solving it completely.

switched on iphone

Restarting the iPhone will always allow all processes to turn off and on again. Usually, the bug is tied to a really specific process, and the best solution is to restart it. When you rerun the process, the bugs are finally fixed completely. In most cases, eventually the widgets will no longer appear black, for example, or they will start to update.

Keep apps up to date

As we have said before, the Application developers are in charge of including different functions, taking advantage of the tools that Apple offers. This means that you have to have the updates always up to date in order to have available all the functions that are gradually being integrated over time. In the App Store it will be the site that you should visit daily to be able to access all the updates that are being accepted and that the developers have uploaded.

App Store

But beyond this, we must also remember the presence of bugs. These are really annoying in any software, beyond iOS. There are plenty of apps that aren’t completely perfect either, and can run into a number of major issues because they haven’t been debugged correctly. These may be the main reasons why you cannot access the widget or it does not update regularly. This makes it also important to have the latest available version of the app, where all the bugs reported by users are normally debugged.

Do you have the latest iOS update?

Beyond the bugs that can appear in the applications, the operating system can also be largely to blame for what is happening in the widgets. As is known, iOS is not perfect, just like any other operating system. That is why these can be directly related to the widgets, causing them to not work properly. It must be remembered that widgets are hardly going to be related to a hardware problem, since they are integrated with the system.

Although many people may fear installing new updates, the truth is that they are available to help. Users and developers constantly submit bugs that are found on their way through the system to Apple. In this case, the updates try to solve all these bugs and that is why it becomes interesting to always have the latest version installed.

Restore the factory operating system

Although it may seem completely radical, this is one of the best solutions that exist before the problem if nothing has previously worked. It will always be ideal to restore on a PC with iTunes or on a Mac with Finder. In this situation, what will be done is delete all the content of the device and it will reinstall the most recent version of iOS that exists at that moment.

What is really important in this situation is that in the configuration, the iPhone should be interpreted as a completely new one. This means that a restore should not be made from a backup, since this same error would be exported.

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