Roundhill submits application for Bitcoin Covered Call ETF

Roundhill Files for Bitcoin Covered Call ETF Application

Roundhill Investments has recently filed an application with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a Bitcoin Covered Call ETF. This development comes as cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity and investors seek new ways to gain exposure to digital assets.

The proposed ETF aims to provide investors with exposure to Bitcoin while generating income by writing covered call options. A covered call option is a strategy where an investor holds a long position in an asset, in this case, Bitcoin, and sells call options to generate income. This income is then distributed to the fund’s shareholders, providing them with a potential source of regular cash flow.

By using covered call options, the Bitcoin Covered Call ETF aims to reduce the volatility typically associated with cryptocurrencies. The conservative options strategy can provide a cushion against downside risk, as the premiums received from selling call options can help offset potential losses in the underlying asset.

Roundhill Investments intends to partner with Cboe BZX Exchange to list the proposed Bitcoin Covered Call ETF. Cboe has already gained some prominence in the cryptocurrency space with its successful launch of the first U.S.-regulated Bitcoin futures contracts in December 2017.

While there are already several Bitcoin ETFs in the market, Roundhill’s unique approach of including covered call options sets it apart from others. The inclusion of this options strategy allows investors to potentially earn income from their Bitcoin holdings, making it an attractive choice for those looking for both capital appreciation and cash flow.

However, it is important to note that the SEC has been cautious in approving Bitcoin ETFs in the past due to concerns over potential market manipulation and investor protection. Several previous applications from other firms have been rejected, with the SEC citing the need for stronger regulatory oversight before approving such products.

Roundhill Investments will need to address these concerns and demonstrate how its Bitcoin Covered Call ETF will meet the necessary regulatory standards. The company believes that the ETF structure can provide a secure and regulated way for investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin while also providing a level of income generation.

If approved, the Bitcoin Covered Call ETF will be the latest addition to Roundhill’s suite of ETFs focused on disruptive industries. The company already offers funds targeting themes like eSports, sports betting, and social media, providing investors with exposure to areas that are rapidly evolving and expected to grow in the future.

In conclusion, Roundhill’s filing for a Bitcoin Covered Call ETF is another example of financial institutions looking to meet the demand for crypto-related investment products. By using a covered call options strategy, the proposed ETF aims to provide investors with a unique way to gain exposure to Bitcoin while generating income. However, given the SEC’s cautious stance on cryptocurrency ETFs, it remains to be seen whether Roundhill’s application will be approved.

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